Little Liggins Programme

Every mother and baby who takes part in a clinical trial is part of the Little Liggins family. When you make a donation to Little Liggins you will help us to give a baby a healthy start to life.

There is nothing more important than giving our children the best possible start to life. We know now that this begins before birth, and even before conception. The environment within the womb affects the baby’s physical and mental development. Factors such as poor nutrition during pregnancy can result in children having an increased risk of heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes throughout life. And these children will go one to become parents of children who are also at risk of these diseases.

The Liggins Institute conducts a wide range of research, from molecular science in laboratories to working closely with mothers and babies in clinical trials. Our goal is to deliver research that will change lives by reducing the risk for these diseases.

You can help give babies a healthy start to life by making a donation today,  simply use the donation form below.

Every dollar donated will help support our clinical trials and will not be used for administration or overheads.  

For any further information contact Nicole Basset,

For more information, contact:

Catherine Davies, Development Manager