Nursing Support Fund

Can we support our future stars?

In the New Year around a hundred University of Auckland students will start their journey to become professional nurses. Nurses are there throughout the continuum of life. It’s about caring for people but so much more as well. They work to prevent illness and promote wellness, and support the families of patients they care for. They are the custodians of their care when people are at their most vulnerable.

For some the costs associated with a nursing degree can make this unobtainable without the support of a scholarship. Support from alumni and donors ensures that there is equality in the opportunities available. It ensures that food is on the table and that students are freed from the financial burdens that can force them out of education.

By giving a gift today you can help break down financial and social barriers for the students who need it most.

I want to give

"I am reminded of one particular lady I nursed. She had advanced cancer and was in severe pain which couldn’t be fully alleviated by medication. Her pain seemed both physical and emotional. Over many night shifts I sat with her and started to sew a quilt, something I’d never done before. This act of solidarity and compassion seemed to bring her peace and she was able to open up to me about the emotional turmoil she was experiencing. While she watched me sew, she told me the quilt would be her memorial; and it was. She died shortly after I finished it and her story is woven into its fabric. The quilt has been on my bed ever since and it is a constant reminder of the importance of patiently listening and the personal acts that make this job life-changing."

Alexandra McCarthy, Head of Nursing

For more information, contact:

Carly Murrell, Development Manager, Medicine and Health