Field Club gives back

100 years have passed since the inception of the Auckland University Field Club. To mark this milestone, we want to protect and preserve the heart of the Field Club’s activities – the natural world – by working to stop kauri dieback.

Our troubled kauri: Kauri dieback strangles trees, young and old from the roots up until the canopy is lost. Photo courtesy of Stuff Limited.

Some say kauri may be extinct in just fifty years. We want to do something about that.

We’ve partnered with the University's Alumni Relations and Development office to create the AUFC Centennial Fund. The fund will support postgraduates working in the field to combat kauri dieback. This vital work needs your help.

We've already had some generous donations. But it's a big job, and we need all hands on deck to get to our ambitious goal; raising $20,000. Every little (or big) bit helps, and it is a fantastic opportunity to keep the Field Club name alive, while giving these majestic trees a fighting chance.

So, if you can, help us out. You can donate by completing the donation form below.

The University will inform the AUFC Centenary Fund Campaign Committee of your gift (but not the amount) and share with them your email address as they will appreciate knowing of your support and want to keep in contact with you directly about this appeal. If you do not want your information passed on, please tick the Anonymous box on the form below.