The AUFC Centennial Fund

To celebrate 100 years since its inception members of the Auckland University Field Club have come together to establish the AUFC Centennial Fund.

Attendees at the Auckland University Field Club 50th Anniversary camp, Motutapu Island, 1972. Photo: Ralph Woods.

This fund will support Kauri dieback research which includes support for students to cover travel and other related expenses incurred from fieldwork.

The Auckland University Field Club is no more but many of us remember our time with the AUFC with great fondness - the opportunities to explore the natural world and to flex our research interests by publishing inTANE - The Journal of the AUFC.

Any donation, large or small will not only assist combatting this insidious disease killing our iconic Kauri but also keep the name of the Auckland University Field Club alive.

We thank you for your consideration in advance.