Family violence: It's not ok

A workshop that helps staff to understand family violence, its context and its impact on the University.

The University is committed to being safe, inclusive and equitable for our students and staff. Family violence is unacceptable. Every person is entitled to respect, and to live free from fear and abuse.

The Equity Office — Te Ara Tautika has developed a Family Violence Project that includes a policy, guidelines, training, resources, and a comprehensive website linking to internal and external support. Visit now: It's not ok

Family violence is a significant issue for the University of Auckland because:

  • People who have experienced family violence are likely to face barriers to their study and work
  • The University has a legal obligation to ensure a safe and healthy work and learning environment and a safe and healthy living environment for those in University accommodation
  • Family violence can be experienced by anyone in a close relationship.  

Key content

Training is available for key University representatives to help ensure they provide effective support and feel comfortable when receiving disclosures of family violence.

Training will be led by the Equity Office in conjunction with Shine, New Zealand’s largest NGO (non-profit, non-governmental organisation) supporting people who are affected by family violence.

The two-hour session will cover:

  • Background to the Family Violence Project and why it is needed
  • How the University can support our staff and students affected by family violence
  • How to respond effectively to disclosures of family violence.


All staff including those in leadership and management roles.

Also contact people nominated in the Family Violence Policy and frontline staff who may be approached by students or staff affected by family violence.

These people may include:

  • HR staff, Equity committee members
  • Faculty Student Development and Engagement Managers
  • Student Support Advisers
  • Line managers
  • Academic heads
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing committee members
  • Union representatives and student representatives.


  • Cathie Walsh, Staff Equity Manager
  • Senior Trainer from SHINE (Safer Homes in New Zealand every day)

Evolve capabilities

Enabling People, Communication, Relationship Building, University Awareness, Facilitating Change and Innovation

Leadership framework

Achieving Results, Exhibiting Personal Leadership

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