Info Evening

Thank you to those who joined us for Info Evening online. If you missed the live sessions or want to re-watch anything, you can watch them anytime, anywhere, below.

Students relaxing in a room Accommodation

Live in the heart of campus with UoA Accommodation - part one of two

Join us to discuss the Accommodation options available to you in your first year and ongoing years at University. We'll explain our services, resident support, and fees so you can live at the heart of the city or Grafton campuses. Add part one and part two for the full session.

Students relaxing in a room Accommodation

Live in the heart of campus with UoA Accommodation - part two of two

Continued from part one, join us to ask your Accommodation questions, live with our team. 

Students relaxing in a lounge Arts

Making the BA work for you

How does the BA work? Learn about the basics of the BA including what subjects you can study, how to structure your degree and more.

Person holding a camera Arts

Explore the Bachelor of Communication

Communication impacts every aspect of our society and our lives. Come along to find out more about the BC. Hear about your study options, what the degree involves, career pathways, and if the BC is for you.

A pair of feet standing on top of a foothpath drawing Arts

Internships and careers in Arts

What skills do you learn in a BA and what jobs do they lead to? Learn more about our intership programme and the exciting careers some of our Arts graduates have embarked on.

Woman in a lecture room Arts

Arts and the world around us

Get a preview of Arts study. Whiz through a range of our projects and research to get a taste of the BA experience. From politics and sociology to languages and history, hear from top lecturers and see what sparks your interest.

Two students looking at a laptop Business

Choosing a Business major

With a Property specialisation and 12 BCom majors to choose from, how do you choose the right subject for you? Join us for this session, where students and staff will talk through the subjects, how they work together and how to make your final ‘major’ decision.

Students around a table Business

Your first year in Business

Hear from our lecturers about what your first year in Business will be like. What will the courses involve? What does active, blended and experiential learning mean? Why do some of the courses incorporate working in teams and what will this be like? What about the overall workload? Join us to find out the answers to these and more.

Students standing in a group talking Business

Your career in Business

Where can a Business degree take you? Find out about the different career paths a Business degree will open up for you. Meet some of our recent graduates – hear about their current jobs and how their time at the Business School prepared them for a career in business.

Students talking Business

Māori and Pacific Business students: Supporting your success

The Business School strives to ensure our Māori and Pacific students have a positive and successful experience. Find out about our He Tuākana and Ma te Mātatau academic services and Te Māna Pākahi and Commerce ʹo Pasifika (our Māori and Pacific Business student clubs).

Student playing a guitar Creative Arts and Industries


Do you want to inspire audiences and explore new technologies? Push the boundaries of the music industry with a Bachelor of Music. Listen to our staff and student duo of Gregory and Rocielli. They'll share what to expect in your first year of study, and offer advice about choosing your music specialisation. You'll also have a chance to ask questions about life at and after university.

Three students in dance poses Creative Arts and Industries

Dance Studies

Move your body, move your thinking. Experiment and inspire others as you build a sustainable career in dance with a Bachelor of Dance Studies. Come and listen to our staff and student panel of Sarah and Danielle. They will share what to expect in your first year of study and how to audition. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions about life at and after university.

Three students around a table Creative Arts and Industries

Urban Planning

Design and plan our community spaces, cities and built environments with a Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours). Listen to our staff and student panel, as they share what to expect in your first year of study. They will tell you what Urban Planners do, and how you can become one. You’ll have a chance to ask questions about life at and after university.

A group of students in a studio Creative Arts and Industries

Fine Arts, Design and Architecture

Do you want to imagine and create? Innovate to shape our culture and enrich our society? A degree in Fine Arts, Design or Architecture might be for you. Hear from our staff panel as they share what to expect in your first year of study. They'll also offer advice about choosing the right degree for you. You’ll have a chance to ask questions about life at and after university.

Two students smiling at the camera Education and Social Work

Becoming a Teacher

Teaching at every level, from early childhood to secondary, is an amazing career choice. If you want to hear more, join this session, ask your questions, and be prepared to be inspired. And If you are a te reo Māori speaker, the Huarahi Māori specialisation opens many career doors.

A circle of clasped hands, viewed from above. Education and Social Work

Social Work: The fight for social justice

If you want a career that can change your life and the lives of others, then becoming a Social Worker can deliver on all fronts! Join this session for all you need to know about this rewarding programme of study. Bring your questions for the live Question and Answer session too!

Two students crouching and talking on an indoor court Education and Social Work

Make an impact with Sport, Health and Physical Education

This programme includes five pathways of study, focusing on coaching, traditional and alternative sports, sports media, exercise science, nutrition, gender, sexuality, Māori movement, dance, youth health and many more. If you love sport and the benefits of health and wellbeing, but want more than just a sports qualification then this programme is for you. Listen in!

A group of mixed age people smiling as they stand against a green wall. Education and Social Work

Driving change in Education

Studying Education doesn’t have to mean teaching. Focus instead on all aspects of early childhood and how you can create a varied and rewarding career. Or prefer to study for a major in Education through a Bachelor of Arts? Join this session to learn about Education as a subject and alternative career paths.

Two students in a lab Engineering

Engineering 101

Get an introduction to our Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) programme, course highlights and structure, entry requirements, study support, and scholarships.

Students against the backdrop of a window Engineering

Engineering student life

Presented by our Engineering student guides, this webinar provides attendees with an insight into what it is like to be a student at the Faculty of Engineering. It will cover student clubs, life on campus, student community, and advice on making the most of your first year.

Student in a lab Engineering

Engineering specialisations and careers - part one of two

Engineering opens doors to a diverse range of careers. This webinar will show future students the various career paths available for you to make your impact on our world. Add part one and part two for the full session.

Student in a lab Engineering

Engineering specialisations and careers - part two of two

Engineering opens doors to a diverse range of careers. This webinar will show future students the various career paths available for you to make your impact on our world. Add part one and part two for the full session.

Career text overlaid on a compass General

Create your future with Career Development and Employability Services

Join the CDES Team to learn how we can help you develop your employability, connect with employers, and navigate towards your dream career, all from your first year at uni.

Four students talking, with two seated on a park bench and two standing General

Get ahead with our summer programmes

UniBound (Pacific), Toia ki Waipapa (Māori) and Summer Start are opportunities for you to take a credit bearing course during summer school, make friends and get to know campus in a small and supportive environment.

A group of graduating students General

Pacific life @ UoA & UniBound

Meet Yvonne and Junior from our Office of Pro-Vice Chancellor (Pacific) and hear about all things Pacific @ UOA, including our UniBound Summer programme. Learn about what life is like on campus as a Pasifika student and how UniBound can help you kick start your university journey.

Three students in graduation regalia General

Maori @ Waipapa Taumata Rau

Hono mai! This is an opportunity for you to connect, to learn but also to understand the supports that are available to you or your tamariki.

A group of students General

University preparation programmes: Pathways to university study

Consider TFC or New Start if you feel under prepared for university study or you need to gain a University Entrance qualification.

Students talking General


Come and check out what scholarships are available to you and what you might be eligible to apply for.

A pile of handbooks on a table General

University 101 session

Our School and Comunity Engagement Team share an introduction to support the first steps of your university journey.

ClockTower external view General

Conjoint degrees: Panel discussion

Tune in for a panel discussion with the Schools and Community Engagement Team and some of our current conjoint programme students to learn about conjoint degree opportunities.

Cityscape at dusk Global Studies

Make a difference with the Bachelor of Global Studies

Do you want to understand and help solve current global issues? The Bachelor of Global Studies will enable you to navigate the increasingly complex political, economic, environmental, scientific, and cultural problems of our world. Join our webinar to find out more.

Students sitting in long grass. International

The undergraduate International Student experience

Find out about what it is like being an international student at the University of Auckland: What do you need to prepare? How to transition well to University study? What support services are available for international students?

A student looking at a laptop International

Submitting applications as an international student

Join our expert admissions team for a walkthrough on how to submit an application to the University of Auckland as an international student. This session will cover information about the documents required and how to navigate the application portal. 

Hands holding a globe 360 International

Take yourself global!

Explore global learning opportunities with 360 International at the University of Auckland.

Student reading a book Law

Welcome to Auckland Law School: How to get a Bachelor of Laws degree

In this session, you will find out about our law degree, the LLB. Our team will guide you through the application process and conjoint degree options. We will answer all your questions about enrolment and what you can expect when you study Law.

Students sitting around a table Law

Where can a Law Degree take you?

A law degree gives you the ability to unlock a wide range of exciting career opportunities. In this session, you'll hear from our Career Development and Employer Engagement team about the support they provide to help you develop your career.

Three students in a park Law

What's it like to be a Law Student?

Hear from current students about what it's like to study law and chat to a current student and a graduate on our panel. Ask our staff any questions about studying Law.

Three students working at table. Medical and Health Sciences

Study options in medical and health sciences

Start your study journey in medical and health sciences by selecting the programme that’s right for you. This webinar will provide an overview of the different study options and how to apply for each programme.

Smiling students in lab coats working on an experiment. Medical and Health Sciences

Māori and Pacific students in medical and health sciences (Vision 20:20)

Learn about the pathways to study and support for students through our Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS), Certificate in Health Sciences, the Whakapiki Ake Project, and Pacific Health Wayfinders.

A group of students talking in an atrium. Medical and Health Sciences

Meet our students studying medical and health sciences

Hear from our students about what it is like to study medicine, health sciences, pharmacy, optometry, nursing, or medical imaging.

Exterior of Science Building in Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand Science

Basic elements: what you need to know

This session focuses on the basics. Get a clear understanding of what you need to know about the various degrees you can study, the subjects we offer, and how the faculty can assist you in your study.

A student on stage speaking into a microphone Science

Student voices: what to expect from study

Hear from current students about their experiences studying science. Learn more about clubs and associations, student support options, and life in general on campus!

Closeup of Faculty of Science graduation hood Science

Advice from alumni: What can you do with science in the world?

Want to know where you can end up after completing your degree, and how you can impact the world? In this session we'll hear from alumni about what they studied, where they are now, and how the Faculty helped them get there.

Closeup of a person writing on paper. Science

Planning ahead for studying Science: what you can do now

Still in secondary school, but want to start planning for a Science degree now? Find out more in this session about which subjects we suggest studying in high school, and how the entry requirements for various programmes work.

Two students in Alfred Street, Central Auckland. One student is waving and holding a mobile phone. Student Life

Beyond the classroom: student services and support

Get an overview of everything on offer at the Uni outside of the classroom, from sport and recreation to clubs and cafes, healthcare, disability services, wellbeing, student support, and more. No matter your need, no matter your interest, Campus Life has got you covered. 


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