All New Zealand universities now accept Gaokao

The University of Auckland now accepts the National College Entrance Examinations – commonly known as Gaokao and taken by millions of Chinese high school students each year – when assessing applications for admission. This makes New Zealand the first country in the world where all universities recognise Gaokao scores.

In New Zealand’s unique collaborative governance system, the eight universities collectively determine entrance requirements for international students. Following a proposal led by the University of Auckland, Universities New Zealand now recognises the Gaokao. Each university will determine its minimum entry scores for undergraduate programmes.

This significant change recognises the quality of students who achieve good Gaokao results, and aligns our admissions criteria with those of other top-ranked universities globally.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Engagement) Professor Jenny Dixon said,

“The University is committed to developing meaningful partnerships to achieve greater global impact. Our engagement with prestige institutions in China and with our university colleagues across New Zealand is a testament to this commitment.”

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Engagement) Prof. Jenny Dixon The University of Auckland

Gaokao is becoming increasingly accepted by quality institutions in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. Many Chinese students undertake our foundation programmes, offered with UP Education and Study Group, to ensure they are well prepared for a successful undergraduate programme in Auckland. The University’s decision to allow some of the highest performing students with Gaokao scores will increase the options for Chinese students to consider for study at a Top 100 university in New Zealand.

Assessment Manager Victoria Clark says, “Direct admission to the University of Auckland with Gaokao will increase Chinese students’ options for access to tertiary study in Auckland. We are reviewing minimum Gaokao scores by region and will finalise them with our Education Committee in early 2020.”