IoT Auckland Meetups thrive with NIP’s partnership

In a busy and varied Newmarket Innovation Precinct (NIP) events calendar, the monthly IoT Auckland meetups have been a constant feature.

This resulted in regular attendance from people in the industry, and provided a space where new people could engage with the technology and its potential applications.

John McDermott from IoT Auckland Meetup says “the most important outcome from running IoT Auckland at NIP has been connecting people as this is how results are achieved. NIP has been very generous in providing space for our events and support in organising them.”

“I think we show the pace of technology, the applications it can be used for and importantly the people and organisations that are involved. It's a useful insight into the 'real world' of putting technology into action.”

John also describes the events as creating a bridge between our researchers and members of industry, and illustrating new techniques and approaches to solving problems. The monthly meetups will continue next year, and John hopes to use his relationship with us to reach more people and businesses in 2020.

"We will continue hosting events during 2020 and I'm sure interest from presenters and attendees will continue," he continued.  "We can use our base at NIP to reach more people, businesses and other organisations to explain and encourage the opportunities from IoT applications.

John has great confidence in IoT's role as a force for positive change as more people begin to connect with the technology and understand its potential.