PDMA-NZ joint events with NIP showcase collaboration potential

The Product Development and Management Association of New Zealand (PDMA-NZ) ran a series of joint events with the Newmarket Innovation Precinct throughout the year.

PDMA-NZ event attendees visited the Creative Design and Additive Manufacturing Lab.

PDMA-NZ brought in successful innovators to these events and helped showcase best practices, methods, and novel products and services development across a range of industries.

The ongoing partnership with us also helps to introduce students to industry opportunities. Along with the events PDMA-NZ has hosted on campus, there’s been a connection with David Wyn and his students, which Aruna Shekar says is contributing towards the organisation’s long-term goals.

“PDMA-NZ is looking to expand its membership base with more students to enable the young generation to use our resources to further their interests and achieve great things," she said.

"It is critical for students to be exposed to real-world practices while they study, and through the networking sessions at our events they can interact with leaders in industry, and can get sponsored projects, internships, mentors, summer jobs or employment."

In 2020, PDMA-NZ intends to continue expanding its membership base, especially among the next generation of engineers who can use these resources to achieve great things. Aruna has already seen the impact these events can have. 

"It is a pleasure to listen to the audience comments at the events when they say they’ve learnt something new, or that they had an ‘aha’ moment and they’ve been inspired to apply a method in their project work. People often say that they come to meet like-minded professionals and feel supported by a community in their innovation journey."