‘Amazing’ research opportunity

Being an integral part of a groundbreaking research project is the “most amazing opportunity”, says PhD student Tamsin Robb.

Tamsin Robb.
Tamsin Robb.

As a molecular biologist investigating cancer evolution at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Tamsin analysed the genomic data from the cancer patient that fed into the augmented reality model.

Working with a “really cool team” to build a novel tool has opened her eyes to the collaborative nature of research – and could influence her career choice.  “This project has
done a great job of selling the academic career as a very innovative and exciting option.”

The multi-disciplinary project has also provided inspiration for School of Architecture and Planning PhD student Gina Hochstein, who wants to research and write about the human body as an architectural concept within an augmented reality world. “The more we can straddle various faculties and disciplines, the richer the topic becomes.”

One option is to investigate whether gender can somehow be layered into the augmented reality space. “We all inhabit architecture,” says Gina, “and it opens up possibilities that I’ve never thought about.”

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