Félicitations, mediation medallists!

A team of law students placed third out of 48 in a global competition that tested their mediation mettle.

2023 ICC law team
Andrew Fu, Maria Romero De Medeiros, Elizabeth Gane, coach Britney Clasper, Sian Vaughan-Jones and coach Jacob Siermans.

Four mediation mavens took out third place in the 18th International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) mediation competition this month in Paris.

Law students Sian Vaughan-Jones, Libby Gane, Andrew Fu and Maria Romero De Medeiros battled it out together in Paris, impressing the judges and their coaches with their skilled negotiations.

The event, one of the world's biggest educational competitions dedicated exclusively to international commercial mediation, features fascinating conflict resolution scenarios that law students work to mediate.

This year, students representing 48 teams competed to resolve international business disputes, including one between an artisan dumpling chef trying to safeguard his craft and his partner who was set on expanding the business.

The University of Auckland coaches, Britney Clasper and Jacob Siermans, who have both previously competed in the global competition, say they were immensely proud of the 2023 team.

Clasper said the semi-final, in which the Auckland Law team was up against New York University Law School, was a pleasure to watch.

“They were formidable opponents. Libby Gane and Maria Romero De Medeiros gave an exceptional performance as AlphaGlob, a major gaming company whose reputation had been devastated by a user error in a new game that the requesting party, Green Games, had developed.

“Pushing through the night, Andrew Fu and Sian Vaughan-Jones prepared the openings and creative handouts and went on bakery runs so the team could enjoy their crucial croissant and baguette fix!”

Coach Jacob Siermans, who was part of the winning Auckland Law team of 2020, knows how much support is given to those competing.

“We can, without a doubt, say that our best foot was put forward, and we would like to extend our immense gratitude to those who supported us. In particular, a massive thank you to the Faculty of Law and Shortland Chambers. It really does take a village, and we are so proud that the team has returned with a third-place title.”

The 18th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition winner was NALSAR University of Law (India), and second place went to York Law School (USA).

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