Incredible Science is back with a flash and a bang

One of the science faculty's most-loved outreach events is amazing school pupils again.

Magic show audience
Magic show audience

Incredible Science has made a successful comeback, leading to plans for an even bigger event next year.

One hundred and seventy-eight intermediate level pupils from eight schools were hosted on campus by Faculty of Science staff, entertained by displays, experiments, and games to spur the kids' appetites for science and knowledge.

Flashes and bangs in a chemistry magic show were orchestrated by Professor David Williams, Dr David Ware, PhD candidate Robert Deas, and technician Sandra Otty, helped by Dr Ruth Cink and Katrina Graaf.

Students played animal detectives, rode a “hovercraft,” explored the mechanics of jumping, pondered how colour alters perceptions of sweetness, and checked out the skulls of human ancestors – plus many more activities.

Covid-19 had led to a pause in the long-running event.

“After a three-year gap, we were delighted to bring Incredible Science back to life,” said Irene van Schalkwyk, the faculty’s communications and marketing manager. “Some of these kids are the scientists of tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll host even more of them next year.”

She thanked staff from across the faculty for putting together an impressive range of activities.

The photos here are from the June 29 event.

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