Royal Society medal for Dame Margaret Brimble

Medal recognises Dame Margaret's outstanding work in organic chemistry.

The Royal Society of London awarded Distinguished Professor Dame Margaret Brimble the Davy Medal for outstanding contributions to organic chemistry with wide-ranging applications across the life sciences.

Dame Margaret is the Director of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Auckland.

Her research sits at the interface of chemistry and medicine and focuses on developing bioactive compounds that can be synthesised for development as potential treatments for a wide range of diseases including cancer and infectious disease.

First awarded in 1877, the medal is named after Humphry Davy, the English chemist who discovered chemical elements including sodium and potassium and invented a safety lamp for miners.

Sir Adrian Smith, president of the society, congratulated all recipients of the annual awards.

“The breadth and scope of scientific knowledge and experience reflected in this year’s nominations is nothing short of phenomenal,” he said. “I am very proud to celebrate such outstanding scientific contributions from so many different specialisms around the world.”

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