Collective bargaining update

Updated 20 December 2022

The Employer’s bargaining team met with union delegates on 19 December 2022 for mediation, facilitated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

We discussed the progress made to date in collective negotiations as well as the issues that remain outstanding.

In good faith we explored different options for moving forward but unfortunately were unable to reach agreement with the unions.

We have made our best offer of a 9% general revision increase over two years (11% for lower paid employees) to staff on individual employment agreements and those pay increases will go through on 1 February 2023. Union members will not receive any increases until the collective agreement is ratified. The Employer has been clear that it does not backdate pay rises.

We will resume discussions with the unions in the new year with the aim of reaching agreement on a way forward so that all staff can receive a fair and competitive pay rise next year.

Our offer of a general revision salary increase stands as follows:

The offer:

  • 9% salary increase over two years for staff paid over $65,000
    • 5% salary increase in Feb 2023
    • 4% salary increase in Feb 2024
  • 11% salary increase over two years for staff paid $65,000 or less
    • 6% salary increase in Feb 2023
    • 5% salary increase in Feb 2024
  • Performance pay, promotions and step progression salary payments are additional.

We are offering more than any other university in Aotearoa New Zealand or Australia. We remain committed to providing competitive increases to our staff.

In addition:

  • We will not offer a retirement gratuity or long service leave to new staff after 1 February 2023. Current staff are not affected by these changes.
  • We will improve parental leave benefits from next year:
    • More staff will be eligible for 9 weeks of University paid parental leave
    • Staff will receive fully paid annual leave on their return to work

The rationale:

  • We want to reward people now and not at the end of their careers. We don’t think it’s fair to offer benefits that many staff will never receive.
  • Our liability for the retirement gratuity and long service is currently $74 million and this continues to increase every year.
  • Removing the retirement gratuity and long service leave for new staff will save us $20 million over the next ten years alone.

For further detail please see the Collective Bargaining intranet page (staff only).