Mask use on campus

Wednesday 4 January 2023

You are encouraged to wear a face mask in public areas indoors, particularly when physical distancing is difficult, for example in lifts and corridors, and teaching spaces.

Wearing a mask also helps prevent the spread of other respiratory diseases such as seasonal flu, RSV and measles, among others.

Mask wearing is a personal choice that will enhance the safety of all. We should all respect each other’s right to make this choice.

If you choose to wear a mask

You are asked to bring your own masks with you, however as a back-up, mask-dispensers have been installed near main entry points in a number of buildings across our campuses. Some on-campus retailers also sell masks, including Campus Pharmacy and Munchy Mart. Masks are also available from Security at 24 Symonds Street and the AUSA offices in Alfred Street.

Useful links

Ministry of Health: COVID-19: Use of face masks in the community