Carlaw Park - Stuart McCutcheon House wins at Property Industry Awards

Earlier this year, Ngā Wharenoho | Accommodation proudly opened a new property in Carlaw Park Student Village for University of Auckland students seeking to live on-campus. This property offers 907 beds in apartment style living and provides a housing community for 1,600 students. Developed by Reidy& Co and Haydn & Rollet with architects Ashton Mitchell, the property boasts three-six-bedroom apartments with large open communal spaces for study and recreation.

In honour of the late Professor Emeritus Stuart McCutcheon, this property has been renamed Carlaw Park – Stuart McCutcheon House. As a champion for Accommodation’s development in the Carlaw Park area, staff at the University felt this an apt way to honour his memory and contributions to the University of Auckland.

The name was formally announced at the Property Industry Awards in June 2023 where the new property was nominated for several awards. Stuart McCutcheon House took home Best in Category for the Multi-Residential Property Award

Among those celebrating the success were Adrienne Cleland, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, and Deborah McCutcheon.

The opening of this building gives us the ability to house over 4,500 students in University Accommodation across both City and Grafton Campuses. Stuart McCutcheon House is innovative and modern, providing spaces for multiple uses and a unique student experience. We look forward to future develops in this space.

Group of people on stage accepting the award at the Property Industry Awards