COVID-19 accommodation support and FAQs

Page current as of 3 December 2021

Updated sections:

  • What is the Universtiy's Covid-19 vaccination policy?

Accommodation support

Need a bit of support?

If you’re living with us and need a bit of extra support while in lockdown, there are lots of ways the University can help.

  • Need help right now? Contact 1737 by phone or text. They’re available 24/7
  • Need wellbeing support? Contact Campus Care
  • Need general advice on how to get stuff sorted? Contact Ask Auckland

Unless otherwise ordered by the New Zealand Government, University of Auckland accommodation will remain open during lockdowns. Assessments on occupancy will be made at the time of any lockdown scenarios and Accommodation reserves the right to move students to best support those remaining on-site during the lockdown period.

Regardless of our national alert level, we require our kainoho | residents to:

  • Download and use the NZ COVID-19 Tracer app with Bluetooth on
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Have reusable masks and use these where required
  • Let our kaimahi | staff know when they are feeling unwell
  • For up-to-date information, refer to

How we can help

Any student needing additional support should contact their Accommodation team at any time and they will connect you to internal or external specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Universtiy's Covid-19 vaccination policy?

The University announced its vaccination policy for 2022, which goes into effect starting 4 January 2022. Full details about the policy, including an FAQ can be found on the University of Auckland vaccination policy web page. 

In light of this, our Accommodation residential rules, which forms part of your residential agreement with us, have been updated to reflect this change (refer to 5. SAFETY A SECURITY: Health and Safety) 

The University’s decision to adopt this policy is based on the health, safety and wellbeing of our wider University community, which has been our priority throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. 

If you have any questions about the policy, students and their whanau can email the University at:

What’s life like in other Halls in Lockdown?

Kainoho are organised in lockdown bubbles by floor or apartment, according to their hall configuration. They are allocated specific resources and specific times they can access these resources (e.g. laundry room and meal schedules) to ensure their bubble is maintained. Our facilities are arranged to ensure social distancing and safety. Our staff and contractors operating on-site as essential workers are observing social distancing and are having daily health declarations.

We have also increased cleaning services throughout the residence, including additional cleaning throughout all shared spaces, particularly in high touch areas such as bathrooms.

If you want to know more about the support on offer during lockdown, please visit our Covid-19 accommodation support web page.


I’m still in a hall, how do I stay connected?

In every hall, our Poutaki Wharenoho | Resident Managers are continuing to do updates on the private Facebook groups to keep our kainoho in the loop, as well as regular check-ins with each student. Check into your Facebook groups for ways to connect remotely with others in your residence.


What are my accommodation fees during Covid-19 Alert Levels?

Alert Levels 3 and 4
If a Level 3 or 4 lockdown occurs that exceeds 14 days, students who have relocated to isolate elsewhere, without breaching travel restrictions and in accordance with ministry directions, will be credited their accommodation fees for the lockdown period up until they return to residence or when Level 2 has been reached (allowing residents to return) whichever comes first*.

If a student elects to remain in residence, there is no reduction in fees. However, given the extraordinary circumstances of Covid-19 lockdowns, we are removing all withdrawal fees and the notice period. That means you can take your time to decide what you want to do. 

  • If you are currently living in Accommodation and decide to move out, you may end your contract on the day you leave with no penalty. Please remember that Ministry of Health guidelines do not permit relocation under Alert Level 4.
  • If you have already gone home, you may cancel your contract at any time, and collect your belongings as soon as restrictions allow - again no penalty.
  • If you decide to continue living with us for the remainder of your contract, no action is needed.

*As scholarship students do not pay for their accommodation costs, this does not apply to them.


What can I do if I’m struggling financially?

If at any time residents are experiencing financial hardship, they are encouraged to contact the student hardship fund.


Can I withdraw from my residence during a Level 3 or 4 Lockdown?

Yes, those who choose to cancel their accommodation may do so without penalty and without a notice period.

If you have already left accommodation to isolate from home and choose to cancel your accommodation during a Level 3 or 4 lockdown, the date you notify us you wish to cancel will be the date of your withdrawal, and your items will remain locked in your room until you are able to return to collect them under Level 2.

For information on the current 2022 withdrawl process see: Withdrawing your residential agreement


Can I remain in Accommodation during Level 3 or 4 Lockdown?

Yes! Accommodation remains open to safely support our kainoho | residents to self-isolate in secure bubbles during the alert levels. We communicate extensively with and support all those kainoho in house around how to keep themselves and their fellow kainoho safe and healthy.


How will I be supported during a Lockdown in a Hall?

We support our kainoho | residents in many ways, including:

  • Regular updates on social media
  • Weekly Zui (zoom) floor meetings
  • Regular 1:1 check ins with RAs on zoom or other messaging services
  • Converting our Peer Assisted Study Sessions to online through zoom
  • Hosting Tea and Talk drop-in sessions online
  • Digital engagement programme including quizzes and competitions
  • Supporting students with online learning

We will continue to offer our intentional residential experience programme throughout lockdown. Our goals continue to be a transformative residential experience that prepare our kainoho to be better global citizens.


Will there be Covid-19 testing at Halls?

At this time, we are not offering Covid-19 testing in Halls. This will continue until such time that a Hall is deemed a location of interest. If this happens and you live in the impact Hall, you will be notified if testing will be available to you.

If you require a Covid-19 test per the contact tracing locations of interest, we recommend you contact your GP or visit a local Covid-19 testing centre to receive your test. Please follow of government recommended guidelines in monitoring your systems, self-isolating, and wearing a mask.


Will the University be informed of my Covid-19 test results?

The University is not notified of your Covid-19 test results. If you test positive, please alert your Kaitohutohu Wharenoho | Resident Adviser as soon as possible.


Can I return to Accommodation during Level 3 or 4 Lockdown?

For the safety of our community, anyone who was not living in our accommodation or left to isolate elsewhere under Levels 3 or 4 will not be permitted to return to accommodation until we reach Level 2, unless the appropriate delegated Government agency has authorised a change in bubbles. If this does occur, we have processes and procedures in place to ensure there is a smooth and safe transfer of locations into our wharenoho.