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Pukapuka Wharenoho | Resident Handbook

Our Pukapuka Wharenoho | Resident Handbooks are your guide to living in University of Auckland student accommodation. 

eBook version: 

55 Symonds: e-book available here

Carlaw Park Student Village: e-book available here 

Grafton Hall & Grafton Student Flats: e-book available here 

Goldie Estate Homestead: e-book available here 

O'Rorke Hall: e-book available here 

Te Tirohanga o te Tōangaroa: e-book available here 

University Hall - Towers: e-book available here 

University Hall - Apartments: e-book available here 

UniLodge Anzac/Beach: e-book available here 

Waipārūrū Hall: e-book available here 

Waikohanga House: e-book available here  

PDF versions

Pukapuka Whanau

Our Whanau Guide to Accommodation offers handy information for family members with taiohi in accommodation.

Families Guide to Accommodation: e-book available here

Other resources


Resident's Cookbook: e-book available here 

Resident Grant Scheme: proposal application form here

University Apartment Function: application form here