Tinnitus appointments

The Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic is a world leader in the clinical management and research of tinnitus. We are continually innovating and have the latest proven therapies available.

At your first appointment, will assess the characteristics of the tinnitus and the disturbance it causes you. Afterwards, our audiologist will discuss the best therapies and devices to manage it.

We will see you for follow ups. The therapy period is tailored to your needs, but may take 6-12 months for full effect.

What is Tinnitus?

If you hear sounds inside your ears or head, which aren’t coming from your surroundings, you may have tinnitus.

Ongoing tinnitus is often a sign of some degree of damage to hearing. Many things can cause tinnitus, including exposure to loud noise and some medication. People with ongoing tinnitus often have damage to the tiny “hair” cells on the inner ear’s cochlea organ.

Typically, in people with tinnitus not all the sensory functions on these “hair” cells work properly and the brain, in turn, perceives the malfunction as sound.

All sorts of things can aggravate tinnitus including stress, loud sounds, aspirin, head or neck injury etc. Stress almost always makes it worse because stress increases the volume-control setting in the brain.

People with tinnitus may not have any perceptible hearing loss.

Treatment for Tinnitus

There is no magic fix for tinnitus. The aim with all treatments is to reduce its annoyance and intrusiveness.

Sound Therapy and Aural Rehabilitation (START):
This therapy retrains the part of the brain which picks up the sound in the ears or head so as to remove the awareness of it from the consciousness. In other words, it desensitises the sufferer to the tinnitus. It involves wearing a therapeutic noise generator device (which looks like a hearing aid and emits a low hissing noise) for at least eight hours a day.

A number of devices can be used for sound therapy. The goal is to introduce fairly constant low level sound which blends with (but does not cover) the tinnitus. 

Bedside noise generators:
Bedside noise generators (sometimes-called maskers or sound conditioners) look like small radios. Most play background-noise, such as rain falling or ocean surf rolling. They can be fitted with headphones or pillow speakers to avoid partner distrurbance.

Hearing aids:
Wearing a hearing aid fitted by an audiologist with specialist expertise in tinnitus can be a very effective way of managing the condition. These hearing aids also can play sounds to interfer with tinnitus.

Some of the latest digital hearing aids now offer new solutions to tinnitus management. They provide maximum amplification of low-level sounds, medium-level amplification of moderate sounds and little or no amplification of high-level sounds. Meaning, people can more easily ignore their tinnitus.

Multiple-programme hearing aids have the facility for users to switch between different settings. You can choose between hearing programmes optimised for listening to speech and tinnitus programmes designed to reduce their awareness of tinnitus.

During tinnitus counselling at our Hearing and Tinnitus Clinic, we show our clients a range of techniques for coping with and adapting to tinnitus. We demonstrate what tinnitus is, and strategies to reduce its effects.

Social support:
People often misunderstand the frustrations that can come with tinnitus and hyperacusis. Understanding is important and help and support from family and friends is valuable.

Online clinic
The Hearing and Tinnitus clinic is affiliated with Tinnitus Tunes and online resource for tinnitus sufferers that complements the treatments we offer www.tinnitustunes.com

Our clients can gain a discount on subscription to this website.

Our fees

Our fees are very competitive. In many cases, we can help clients access funding from agencies such as ACC and WINZ.

Medical insurance may also cover some or all costs.

Initial assessment (includes hearing test)

2 and half hours - $350 including GST

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