Blockchain Club

BCC is a new club aimed at promoting blockchain technologies and encouraging students to learn how to interact with blockchains (also known as crypto-currencies).

Based at the University of Auckland, our goal for members of this club is to provide support for those who want to learn about blockchains and how decentralised currency works. The club plans to host regular guest speaking events, quiz nights, and fun trading competitions with awesome prizes to be won! There will also be tutorials that are dedicated to trading and investing in crypto currencies.

The club plans to host regular events and workshops to cater to people of all skill levels, so there will be opportunities for all our members to participate.

As our members become more experienced, the club will become a platform for connecting our talented members with employers - or launching an internal project.

There is a $12 registration fee for all members. This club cannot and will not provide students with financial information, nor will the club actively trade funds collected.


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