CompSci Society

Auckland University Compsci Society aims to promote a vibrant and fast-moving world of technology by bringing a variety of exciting events, and opportunities to all students on campus.

The society integrates a mix of social, competitive and academic events to ensure everyone gets the most out of their journey through the University.

AUCS focuses on building a student community around one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world. We work very closely with the department of Computer Science as well as many other IT industrial leaders in order to empower and equip students with skills and experiences beyond what’s available in classes.

At the same time we place emphasis on a social aspect as well, creating a fun opportunity for students to network and make new friends. Our past events include a Pub Quiz, E-Sport Tournament, Programming Workshop, Student Showcase, Networking Evening, Design Competition, Guest Speaker Event and many more.

We can’t wait to bring even more energy and innovation of tech to campus throughout this year.