Mooting Society

The Mooting Society hosts a variety of prestigious competitions and provides guidance for those at Law School.

In 2014 the Society had over 350 members and organised the Law School’s biggest competition (the John Haigh Memorial Moot). Mooting is an integral part of law school and through the Mooting Society students are able to practice and receive guidance to improve their overall grades and law school experience.While at Law School, students must participate in moots during part II courses and faculty moots later on. The Mooting Society aims to provide students with a chance to practice before these compulsory moots and also offer workshops that students can attend to prepare for compulsory course or faculty moots. 

What is mooting?

Participants, or “mooters”, take part in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves the submission of written briefs and presenting oral arguments. The problems that participants are asked to write on explore complex legal issues, usually at an appellate level. 

How can I get involved?

There are compulsory moots at law school, but doing extracurricular moots is a great way to learn more about the law and impress future employers. Sign up for free by going to our webiste, and like our Facebook page to stay up to date with all of the mooting events.