Write club

Our intention with Auckland Write Club is to provide a meeting place where aspiring writers can socialize and develop their writing abilities. We aim to create a club atmosphere that is inclusive, informal, and fun, while also providing sufficient structure to ensure that meetings are productive and rewarding for those who attend.

We have three main goals that we seek to achieve at every club meeting: Firstly, to provide an inclusive and informal social setting where aspiring writers can meet, socialize, and network with other writers at the University. Secondly, to provide structured writing activities to ensure that everybody who attends the meeting has an opportunity to be creative and to practice writing. Our third goal is to provide a forum where members can present their work and receive feedback from other writers. Beyond these aims, our ambition is to promote the art of creative writing on campus and within the wider community through special events and activities, and to publish a semi-annual journal to showcase the talents and achievements of our club members and to showcase their work to a greater audience.