Capoeira Club

Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian martial art, with an emphasis on music. The UoA Capoeira Club gets together on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to train, from 6pm to 8pm. This usually involves stretching and conditioning, practicing techniques, and a roda. The roda, which means "circle" in Portuguese, is a jam circle with the group playing instruments and singing, while two people "play" capoeira in the middle - this can be best described as somewhere in between dancing and non-contact sparring. Members alternate between playing in the roda, and playing instruments and singing, swapping out whenever someone wants to enter or leave the roda.

These training sessions are usually conducted outdoors in Albert Park during summer, and in a room in the University in winter. Currently, they are held in the East Wing of the ClockTower - room G25 in building 119, opposite the Graduate Centre.

Along with training, the group sometimes organises various external events, such as performances in shows, and social meet ups and barbecues.

Our membership fees are $60 per semester for University of Auckland affiliates, and $100 per semester for external members. The Semester Two fees include membership during the summer semester as well. For more information, please email us.