Tramping Club (AUTC)

Auckland University Tramping Club (AUTC) is one of the oldest clubs on campus. It was founded in 1932 and thrives to this day. We run numerous tramping and alpine trips, from day trips in the weekends to multiday trips in the weekend and holidays. Our trips go all over the country, wherever there is bush, streams, mountains, and even caves, you will find us trampers!

We run instructional courses, such as bush school, and alpine courses. These are extremely cheap compared to other courses, partly because all our instructors are volunteers.

The club also runs social events, such as Orientation weekend, the famous May camp, Progressive dinner, posh dins and the Ball. 

We own an iconic club hut, Ongaruanuku, which is the oldest hut in the Waitakeres. It is the location for numerous tramping club shin digs, unencumbered by noise restrictions.