Wayfinding is a new browser-based app that lets you view digitised maps of the University. It allows you to perform outdoor and indoor navigation between two points, rooms or buildings.

To launch the app, please click on your Chrome or Safari browser, and go to maps.auckland.ac.nz/wayfinding. You will be taken to the below page.  

Installing the Wayfinding app


Please follow these steps for instructions on how to download the Wayfinding app to your Android device:

  1. On your Android device, open Chrome
  2. Go to https://maps.auckland.ac.nz
  3. Tap “Add Maps UOA to Home screen”.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install 

If you didn’t click on “Add Maps UOA to Home screen”, you can still install the application by following instructions from the help menu item.

Please click on the menu in the top left corner, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. 


Please follow these steps for instructions on how to download the Wayfinding app to your IOS device: 

  1. On your IOS device, open Safari 
  2. Go to https://maps.auckland.ac.nz
  3. Go to Menu, and click on the 'Help' link
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install 


To download the Wayfinding app to your desktop, please follow these steps:

  1. Open chrome browser 
  2. Go to https://maps.auckland.ac.nz 
  3. On the right side of browser URL, please click on the plus icon
  4. Click on the blue install button application on your desktop 

How to use the Wayfinding app

To find the location you’re looking for, all you need to do is start typing the room or building name in the search field. You’ll be provided with a drop down list of places that match the search criteria.

Once you select the location you’re looking for, the selected room or building will be highlighted on the map.  

Search by category

You can also search by categories such as toilet or food & drink. To do this, please click on the search field. After a few seconds, a list will appear with the categories available.

Once you’ve selected your desired category, all the related rooms or buildings will appear as pins on the map.

Navigate between rooms

To navigate between rooms, please search a room or building on the map and click on the ‘Directions’ icon. This will display the route you need to take to get to the desired location.

Once you’ve done this, you can:

  • Show the steps by clicking on the “Show Steps” icon, 
  • Change the Start point by clicking on the “Start Point” field and either typing a new location or clicking a point on the map. 
  • Change the destination by clicking on the “Destination” field and either typing a new location or clicking a point on the map.

Generate shareable URL for room or building

If you would like to share your location for a room or building, or send an email with a link to your location, please follow these steps.

Find out the roomCode, which will be mentioned on the room door.

URL for a room will follow this format: https://maps.auckland.ac.nz/room/roomCode

For example, https://maps.auckland.ac.nz/room/207-302

URL for a building will follow this format: https://maps.auckland.ac.nz/building/buildingCode

For example, https://maps.auckland.ac.nz/room/207


What are the browsers supported by the app?
While the map might work in other browsers, Chrome and Safari are the browsers officially supported by the app. 

Do I need to enable any features on my phone to use the application?
If you want to be able to navigate from your current location, you will need to enable location services on your device.

Can I navigate between campuses?
At this stage the app only supports navigation within a particular campus. In most cases, you will receive an error message saying “Route not found” if you try and navigate between campuses.

I am receiving an error message on screen, what do I do?
In the first instance, please refresh your screen. If you are receiving a persistent error message, please contact the Student Contact Centre with a screenshot of the error message.      

How do I provide feedback on the application?
In order to provide feedback on the application, click on the menu bar, then select the Feedback option. Constructive feedback is always welcome!