Amendments to approved ethics projects

A request for an amendment to an approved ethics project can be made through the online Ethics RM system.

This involves making all amendments in the relevant Ethics RM application form question(s). The UAHPEC Chair approves minor amendment requests under delegation, but any major changes to a protocol will be reviewed at the next available UAHPEC meeting.

  • The Ethics RM amendment and renewal process will enable specific amendment details to be captured against each applicable application question.
  • Applicants must also provide a summary of the amendments being requested at the end of the form.
  • From ‘go live’ of Ethics RM (27 May), amendment requests for applications approved through Ethics RM must be processed in Ethics RM.
  • To initiate an amendment in Ethics RM, a request should be sent via Ethics RM to the Ethics and Integrity Team (see ‘Submit request for original application to be unlocked’ step in Infonetica Ethics RM – Amendment request guide for more details).


Please provide complete information about the amendments requested, and particularly for major amendments.

Please ensure that any new or changed documents (such as Participant Information Sheets or Consent Forms) are uploaded with tracked changes.


A Quick Reference Guide is available to provide guidance on how to submit an Amendment Request in Ethics RM. Please refer to the Infonetica Ethics RM quick reference guides for instructions on how to use Ethics RM. The guides are also available from the Infonetica Ethics RM Guides section of the Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee (AHREC) page for students and those external to the university.


If you have any questions about the amendment request process please contact