Education centres

Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education

Formal category: Education Centre
Hosted by: Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
Established: 2007
Purpose: The centre focuses on medical and health professionals education and clinical education.
Last annual report: 2013
Homepage: Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education

Centre for Art Studies

Formal category: Faculty Centre
Hosted by: CAI
Established: 2006
Purpose: The centre has a strong focus on community engagement in the visual arts.
Last annual report: 2008
Homepage: Centre for Art Studies

Goodfellow Unit

Formal category: School Unit
Hosted by: School of Population Health
Established: 1998
Purpose: The Goodfellow Unit is the premier provider of continuing professional development for primary health care practitioners in New Zealand.  The Goodfellow unit sits within in the Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care at the School of Population Health (SOPH), University of Auckland. We specialise in best practice knowledge transfer using innovative blended learning methods for GPs and primary health care professionals. Membership to the Goodfellow unit is free and Goodfellow currently has more than 15,000 members.
Homepage: Goodfellow Unit