Proposed Admissions and Enrolment Experience Policy and Procedures

We are aiming to introduce significant enhancements to students’ admission and enrolment journey at Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland. Our goal is to create an experience that's not just streamlined, but effective, efficient, fair, transparent, and consistent.

Key objectives:

• faster decision-making

• enhanced student experience

• smoother enrolment process

• widening access

• standardised Grade Point Average (GPA)

Behind the Scenes

Policy and Procedures development

Our 'Admission and Enrolment Experience Policy' is based on principles endorsed by the University’s Education Committee and Senate in 2023.

The accompanying 'Procedures' document has been crafted with input from a working group, including academic and professional staff, and student representation. Their valuable feedback has been incorporated into these documents.

GPA calculation proposal

Proposed changes to GPA calculation for programme entry are referred to in the 'Procedures' document, which is open for feedback.

Standardising the GPA calculation is a key factor in reducing complexity for applicants and ensuring a smooth process and faster admission decisions. A proposal paper on a change to the way GPA is calculated for programme entry will be considered by the Education Committee in February.

Leadership support

Both the Provost and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Operations fully support the development of the 'Admission and Enrolment Experience Policy'.

How you can help / have your say

  • Explore the:
    • Draft ‘Admission and Enrolment Experience Policy’
    • accompanying Procedures
  • Get a quick overview with our handy one-page summary for students: PDF.
  • Share your thoughts (individually or as a group) via the Online Feedback Form by 5 pm, Friday 9 February 2024.

What's Next?

  • Your feedback will be considered by a Review Committee (comprised of academic and professional staff and students) and where appropriate, incorporated into the final version of the Policy and Procedures.
  • Themes and outcomes of staff and student feedback and the final draft version of the Policy and Procedures will be shared with the Education Committee and Senate in March, and endorsement sought.
  • Council approval targeted for April.

Spread the word, and let's make this admission and enrolment experience exceptional together!