Policies, guidelines and procedures

Learning and Teaching on the Policy Hub

Critical academic policies checklist

Student Academic Conduct
Circumstance: Cheating and plagiarism, academic dishonesty
Covers: Dishonest practice

Resolution of Student Academic Disputes and Complaints
Circumstance: Allegations of unfair treatment, impasses between students and supervisors
Covers: Flagging, resolving and escalating a complaint

Enhancement and Evaluation of Teaching and Courses Policy
Circumstance: Professional development, academic promotion
Covers: Student feedback, assistance and resources for staff

Assessment of Student Learning Policy
Circumstance: Designing assessment
Covers: Principles for assessment, different types of assessment and their purpose

Instructions to Examiners and Assessors (2017) for staff only
Circumstance: Academic roles in courses and exams, disputed results, special passes
Covers: Assessment  for coursework, theses and dissertations

Class Representation Policy
Circumstance: Student participation in school activities, class representation roles
Covers: ToR, membership and procedures for Staff Student Consultative Committees

Academic honesty, plagiarism and copyright

Information for students

Information for staff (including link to Register of Academic Misconduct)

Copyright at Auckland



Staff - Student Consultative Committees and the Class Representative System

Student Academic Complaints and Disputes

Enhancement and Evaluation of Teaching and Courses

Template for course outlines

Guidelines for effective teaching

Learning and Teaching Continuity Planning

Academic staff

Academic programmes - guidelines for preparing proposals and amendments

Academic Timetable Policy

Regulations and statutes

For further information see calendar and regulations.

Research and supervision

For a complete list of policies, guidelines and forms for postgraduate students, see Postgraduate policies, guidelines and forms.

Wayfinding Document for Students in Work-based Learning or Employment

Guidelines have been developed that help students to prepare for the workplace can be found here. These include the avenues for advice and support on employment-related issues available to students.