Academic leadership

Information, tools and resources for Programme Directors or Major/Specialisation Leaders at Waipapa Taumata Rau | University of Auckland

Information to support Programme Leaders

Programme Directors and Major/Specialisation Leaders are responsible for the performance and quality of our academic programmes.

The roles work with other academic leaders to ensure the quality of the programmes, including curriculum relevance, is assured and enhanced, and students have the opportunity to achieve the intended attributes in the graduate profile.

The information on these pages will provide learning experiences, community connections, and tools and resources to support Programme Directors and Major/Specialisation Leaders to build knowledge, skill and individual capacity to perform and thrive in the role.

Ma te huruhuru, a rere te manu 

With feathers the bird will fly

The following link is to a resource available to staff only.


Start here. Equip yourself with the foundational knowledge and skills that will help you understand the role, how you can be effective and how you can work collectively with others.  This will cover:

  • Understanding
  • Connections
  • Authority
  • Academic Leadership

Programme Directors

Enabling performance

Once you are in the role this will provide you with tools and resources that you can leverage to support and improve your ongoing performance.  This will cover:

  • Learning from others
  • Resources and support
  • Leadership skills
  • Off-boarding

Enabling performance page

The value of programme leadership

Watch Valerie Linton, Provost and Bridget Kool, Pro VC Education talk about the value of and expectations for the programme leadership roles.

Then watch Duncan McGillivray, previous Director of Learning and Teaching, and Jamie Gillen, Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Arts, talk about their experience as Programme Directors.