Copyright for marketers

Read copyright guidelines for marketers and find out about the Copyright Compliance Decision Tree Tool.

Posting on public-facing websites

Before posting material online you need to decide whether or not to do any of the following:

  • Use a copyright notice (c) Copyright [name of owner] [year of publication] on your works that you do not want copied
  • Seek and obtain clearances for the use of any pre-existing works
  • Check existing licence terms before using
  • Check ownership of works created by contractors, writers, photographers, consultants, if necessary obtain written assignments
  • Consider terms of use for users (Creative Commons).

Commissioning rule

The commissioning rule applies to photographs, computer programs, paintings, drawings, diagrams, maps, charts, plans, engravings, models, sculptures, films and sound recordings. Where these works are commissioned, the person who commissions the work is the first owner of copyright, rather than the creator. Note, this rule does not apply to literary or musical works, meaning the opposite applies i.e., the creator of the work is the copyright owner rather than the person who commissions the work.   

The Copyright Compliance Decision Tree Tool

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether or not you can use or copy materials, such as newspaper or journal articles, and online images? The Copyright Compliance Decision Tree Tool can help. This has been designed to assist you in making decisions about whether you can use material in the way that you want to. To use the tool now click here.