Exams for other institutions

The University of Auckland offers a comprehensive invigilation/proctor/supervision service for students from other universities or institutions. We have a full range of facilities to match you needs and are happy to tailor a sollution for you. We are registered to provide a range of professional and entry certification exams such as SSAT, Cambridge aptitude tests, LSAT, NZPLE and CASTLE examinations, contact us see if we can assist.

Sessions: two standard sessions a day, Mon-Fri, at 9am or 2pm Auckland time. A standard session is 1 to 3hours long, hand written by the student and in a room with other students taking exams. While we can accommodate special conditions, computer equipment and longer exams other charges may apply to either you or your institution. If you anticipate that your exam will be a non-standard session then please let us know immediately so we can advise any extra costs and plan accordingly.

Fees: standard session $150 plus any postage required. For pricing of non-standard sessions please contact us for a quote.

Payment: You can pay by major credit/debit card or via internet banking.   

Auckland Examinations Contact:
Email: external.exams@auckland.ac.nz

Physical Address:
The University of Auckland
Room 108, the Clock Tower Building 105
22 Princes Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

Our location

The University of Auckland is located in Auckland’s central business district with easy access to public transport and car parking conveniently located off Grafton Road.

Institutional enquiries

If you are an institution enquiring about our services, please send us an email with your requirements at external.exams@auckland.ac.nz.

We charge a standard fee per student per exam, but are happy to discuss a pricing structure if you have more than three students sitting the same exam.

Contact details

For further information, or to confirm your attendance at an exam, email external.exams@auckland.ac.nz.