Applying to graduate

Application dates

Autumn graduation, May 2023

Applications will be open in mid- to late-December 2022.

How to apply

You can apply to graduate using Student Services Online. Please allow two working days for the 'apply to graduate' tile to become available on Student Services Online after your degree status has been updated.

If you become eligible to graduate during the application period, you will receive an email notifying you that you may apply to graduate.

For questions about the online application form, contact the Student Support team.

Request for Late Application to Graduate

Due to the complex processes that are undertaken once applications have closed, it is not possible to accept late admissions. There is no right of appeal against a decision from the Graduation Office to decline a late application request.

Attendance at a ceremony

You have two options for graduation: in person and in absentia.

In person

  • Select “in person” if you wish to attend a ceremony and receive your certificate at the ceremony.
  • If you apply to graduate in person, and later find you cannot attend a ceremony, you must change your online application before the closing date.
  • No one may attend the ceremony on your behalf.

In absentia

  • Select “in absentia” if you wish to graduate but do not wish to attend a ceremony for this qualification.
  • Your certificate will be sent out to you via courier or standard mail (according to the selection you make on your graduation application form) approximately three weeks after the graduation ceremonies.

More than one degree or diploma

  • If you’re graduating in person with more than one qualification within the same faculty, the highest qualifications will only be announced at the ceremony. You will receive all certificates at the same time. 
  • Conjoint degrees will be awarded in person at only one ceremony. You choose which faculty’s ceremony you wish to attend and you wear the hood for that faculty. Both qualifications will be announced at the ceremony. 
  • Multiple qualifications from different faculties which are not conjoint degrees may be awarded at separate ceremonies. In this case you can choose to graduate in person and/or in absentia for each.

Your name

  • You must graduate under your official name held on the official University record.
  • The requirements for a name change are very strict.
  • We recommend you contact us in the first instance so that we can advise you regarding the correct documentation.
  • If your name has special characters you will need to advise the Graduation Office as soon as possible to ensure this is correctly reflected on your certificate. 

Documents that can be used as evidence:

Student type Acceptable evidence includes:
International Student
  • Passport (we do not accept ‘observations’ and ‘also known as’ statements in passports)
  • Marriage certificates
  • Name change certificates
Permanent Resident
  • Resident visa/Permanent Resident visa (including the front page of your passport)
  • New Zealand/Australian name change certificate
  • New Zealand/Australian marriage certificate

Note: If you have married or changed your name in a country other than the one you have residency in we will only be able to update your name once you have updated your visa.

New Zealand or Australian Citizen
  • New Zealand/Australian name change certificate
  • New Zealand/Australian birth certificate
  • New Zealand/Australian citizenship certificate
  • Marriage certificate

Note: We cannot accept photocopies of certified documents or copies sent by fax or email.

  • A driver’s licence can’t be used for a name change.
  • We will also accept a photocopy, endorsed with the statement ‘Original sighted, certified true copy’ carrying the original signature of a Justice of the Peace, solicitor or Notary Public.
  • The evidence must be received by the Graduation Office before the application closing date.

For more information, see How do I change my name on my record?.

Information for Graduands ebook

We’ll email an Information for Graduands ebook and details of accessing guest tickets to in person graduands approximately three weeks before the graduation ceremonies.

This ebook gives information about:

  • Schedule of ceremonies
  • What happens at the ceremonies
  • What to wear
  • Other graduation events