Copilot with commercial data protection

To protect your privacy and our University information we provide all students and staff with Copilot with commercial data protection. This gives you

Unlike the free versions of Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT, Copilot with
Commercial Data Protection does not retain your history and use it to
train the AI. Details are available on Microsoft's Copilot Privacy and protections page.   

Using Copilot with commercial data protection

Using the Edge browser

  • Open Edge
  • Click on the Copilot button at top right.  A Copilot side window will open.
  • If you do not see a green “Protected” symbol then sign in using your work account.

 Using the Chrome browser

Students using GenAI

Staff using GenAI

  1. Complete the Privacy training module in CareerTools.
  2. Read and make sure you understand the Generative Artificial Intelligence Usage Standard (staff intranet) before you use any generative AI tool and apply it in your work.
    1. Additional information available on TeachWell's Learn about the University’s Gen-AI Usage Standard page.
  3. Use Copilot with commercial data protection logged in with your University User ID for Generative AI queries. This will ensure that your University work remains private.
  4. If you use AI-generated outputs in your work then you’re responsible for their accuracy, tone and content. Review AI outputs carefully and use your judgement. It’s your name on it, not the AI’s. Do you think it’s right? Are the sources credible? Does it comply with policies, rules and regulations? etc.