Calendar section of MyAucklandUni


There are three areas within the Calendar section including:

  • MyAucklandUni Calendar
  • My individual calendars
  • Important dates

MyAucklandUni Calendar

MyAucklandUni Calendar is a central, combined view of some of your important calendars that are held in other systems.

The calendars that will show in MyAucklandUni Calendar are:

  • Class timetable (from Student Services Online)
  • Exam timetable (from Student Services Online)
  • Canvas calendar (all events in your Canvas Calendar including your learning milestones such as assignments and tests)
  • Academic dates (semester start and finish dates, exam periods, breaks, etc)

A screenshot example of MyAucklandUni Calendar, showing a class timetable event in light blue. Canvas calendar events will show in dark blue.

When you first log into the Student Portal, you will see a message asking if you want to see your Canvas calendar in MyAucklandUni.

Simply click "Yes, show me my Canvas calendar!". You will be taken to a page on Canvas. This page will ask you to authorise MyAucklandUni to use your Canvas data. Once you have authorised this, you'll be taken back to MyAucklandUni.

You will only need to do this once.

Colour coding

Each calendar within the MyAucklandUni Calendar is coloured differently to help you understand the different event types.

Calendar Colour
Class timetable Light blue
Exam timetable Pink
Canvas calendar Dark blue
General academic dates Grey

Browsing to different days

  • You can browse to previous or future dates either by clicking the Select date button, or by using the left and right arrows.
  • You can return to today's date by clicking the Today button.
  • If you want to see a whole week, it's best to click the links in the 'My individual calendars' section.

Class timetable - if you see duplicate events

  • Sometimes a class is held at the same time in multiple rooms. In Student Services Online, this class will show as a single event with multiple locations.
  • In MyAucklandUni Calendar, it will show as multiple events with the same time and different locations.

Calendar time

  • The MyAucklandUni Calendar time is always in NZ time, even if you are accessing the portal from overseas.

My individual calendars

The "My individual calendars" section contains direct links to your personal calendars that are held in other systems:

  • Class timetable
  • Canvas calendar
  • Exam timetable

Important dates

The "Important dates" section contains links to information about important dates at the University, including:

  • Academic dates (also held in your MyAucklandUni Calendar)
  • Enrolment dates (also held in your MyAucklandUni Calendar)
  • Scholarship closing dates
  • What's On - student events