Learning section of MyAucklandUni

This page explains the Learning section and how it works.

Learning section overview

Within the Learning section, there are two areas:

  • My courses
  • My results

My courses

The "My courses" area shows two main things:

  • A direct link to the Canvas homepage.
  • A list of your courses in which you are enrolled, which are also direct links to your course pages on Canvas.

Canvas courses message

  • When you first log into the Student Portal, you will see a message asking if you want to see your Canvas courses in MyAucklandUni.
  • Simply click "Yes, show me my Canvas courses!". You will be taken to a page on Canvas. This page will ask you to authorise MyAucklandUni to use your Canvas data. Once you have authorised this, you'll be taken back to MyAucklandUni.
  • You will only need to do this once.

My results

The "My results" area shows two main things:

  • A direct link to Student Services Online.
  • Direct links to specific areas of Student Services Online, including:
    • Final results
    • Course history
    • Unofficial transcript
    • Official transcript