Introducing Panopto on Canvas

What is Panopto?

The University has launched an enhanced experience for students to engage with lecture recordings and video content in Canvas. This new system is called Panopto.

For more information, please visit the Panopto website

Where do I find Panopto?

The Panopto video is linked to your Canvas course where you will find all video content and lecture recordings. You can find this video on your course main page under ‘Panopto Video’.

You can alternatively go directly to the Panopto website.

How do I login to Panopto?

To login, please click on the Panopto Video option in your Canvas course. You will automatically be logged into Panopto from Canvas.

Alternatively, you can go directly to Panopto website.

What has changed?

Some changes that Panopto has enabled include:

  • Ability to search for specific keywords within video recordings
  • Jump to a specific section of the lecture using new chapter feature
  • New automated closed captions however please note these are machine generated and are not 100% accurate
  • Take private time-stamped notes and bookmark a video segment to return to later
  • Ask questions or post comments using the Discussion feature
  • Flexibility to download and review lectures on the go with the new Panopto app for mobile and tablet devices

How does Panopto help my study?

Panopto is a great tool to enhance your campus experience by revisiting previous lectures to support your revision and study.

Download the Panopto app

Enter your University email address (e.g. to login.

Panopto FAQs

How do I download the Captions from the recording?

Copy and paste from the Captions tab to a document.

How do I show or hide Closed Captions?

Click the CC button on the video player.

Why can't I access my lecture recording in my course?

To access your lecture recordings you must first click on the Panopto Video tab in your course before accessing any videos.

Why is the video not playing from the Canvas App?

Troubleshooting step: try playing the video from your browser on your phone. Ensure you are using the latest version of the Canvas App.

What is the Discussion feature in Panopto?

Post questions or comments about the video to other students using the Discussion tab on left side of the video player. For questions about course content follow the guidance from your Course Coordinator (e.g. Piazza or Canvas Discussions).

What is the Notes feature in Panopto?

You can use Note to add private notes as you watch the video. Your notes will appear time-stamped along with the part of the video that corresponds with it. The Notes tab is on the left side of the video player.

What is the Bookmark feature in Panopto?

You can bookmark specific times in a recording that you want to return to using the Bookmark feature on the left side of the video player. To go back to the bookmarked items find them on the Bookmarked tab on Panopto home page.

How can I download or share the Panopto video?

You can download or share the recording using the buttons on the top right-hand corner of the video player.

Why can’t I access Panopto from my Macbook or iPhone?

If using Safari browser then third-party cookies must be enabled. See the steps for

I am having issues viewing my lecture videos on my browser, is there a preferred browser or updates that should be used for Panopto?

It is recommended that you use Chrome for Canvas and Panopto. Please check the baseline
system configurations for Panopto supported browsers and Operating systems for your device

If you are having issues try another browser, incognito mode or clearing the cookies.

How do I get the Panopto app?

Download the mobile app on iOS or Android. Enter your University email address (e.g. to login.