UoA Drive

Find out more about requesting and using an on-premise University work drive.

What is a UoA Drive and why would I need it?

What is it?

A UoA Drive replaces the old home drive service. With your UoA Drive you get 15GB of storage that you can use for your personal University work. 

Why would I need it?

Most people won't need a UoA Drive. The preferred storage for your University work files is OneDrive. OneDrive  is available from any location on any device. It's miles more flexible. If you are running an application that you've tested with OneDrive and it doesn't perform correctly, or it needs a drive letter mapped, then a UoA Drive is probably the way to go.

In which cases will a UoA drive not work?

You will need to be on-campus, using FlexIT or a staff member connecting via the Fortinet VPN to access your UoA Drive.

How do I request a UoA Drive?

We are working on a form where you'll fill in some basic information and then the UoA Drive will be automatically created for you. Once the form's ready we'll post the link here.

Now I have it, how do I use it?