How to nail a video interview

Video interviews and how to nail them like a pro!

Help! It's a video interview!

Video interview: how does the phrase make you feel? Nervous? Apprehensive? Video interviews are becoming increasingly common now both in New Zealand and overseas, so chances are that you’ll come across one in your career journey!

CDES can help you nail your future video interview, and we have some pointers to help you prepare!

What is a video interview?

A video interview is a job interview that takes place remotely, and uses video technology as the medium linking you with your potential employer. They have the ability to save time and money compared to traditional interviews, and remove geographical constraints.

Some interviews are conducted live by:

  • Skype or video conference (sometimes known as two-way or synchronous interviews),
  • Or pre-recorded videos from those applying which answer a set list of questions given to all candidates (one-way video interviews, or asynchronous video interviews).

Interview apprehension

Many students may never have had a job interview before, let alone a video interview, and may understandably feel daunted- this is completely normal. Watching yourself on screen as you chat to a group of unknown people is nerve-wracking for most. Adding to the apprehension, a video interview means you need to take on other roles in addition to thinking about what to say. You’re now chief camera operator, sound engineer, scriptwriter, lighting guru, backdrop curator, and all round IT star!

Remember, it’s not all negative: video interviews can:

  • Save you from long or difficult commutes as transportation is not an issue, 
  • Enable interviews after-hours
  • You get to set the scene on your own turf instead of in someone else’s workplace
  • You are gaining amazing experience and boosting your confidence by giving this a go. You can only get better with experience.

How to prepare? Practice!

The best preparation tip is to practice;

  • Practice using your technology: run a “pre-interview practice” with a friend or family member to ensure everything works correctly. 
  • Plan ahead, including your outfit, lighting, camera angle, what is seen behind you “in shot” so that your environment looks professional, and even what chair you’ll sit on so you’re not lost into the depths of a squashy sofa! 
  • Ensure you have a backup plan if technology fails and you’re left with a flat laptop and no charger cable, no wifi, or loud conversations next to you! 
  • Try and forget that you’re “on camera”, and get used to this by recording yourself ahead of the interview, then playing it back to yourself, watching your facial expressions and listening for all the inevitable “ums” and “ahs” which you can aim to eliminate. 
  • Most importantly, be yourself, and smile!

CDES: Here to help!

Here at CDES, we have a range of tools to equip you and prepare you for being work ready and starting out in an area of interest to progress your career. The summer holidays are almost here: the perfect time to prepare for the recruitment process, including practicing for all forms of interviews.

Pop in to see us and attend some of our career workshops to practice your interview technique. Our Career Development and Employability Consultants specialise in a range of areas, so we can connect you with a member of our team who will know exactly how to help you based on your degree and where you are interviewing.

Drop in sessions 
Every weekday between 10.30-11.30am or 3–4pm
Kate Edger Information Commons, Room 151, Level One
No bookings needed.

InterviewStream and our practical workshops

We have more great tips about how to answer questions and be confident in an interview on the CDES website. In addition, InterviewStream is a free tool available through the MyCDES booking portal that lets you practice questions anywhere, anytime, to feel prepared.

CDES also offers a wide range of workshops about the world of work. Connect with CDES now via the MyCDES booking portal to attend practical workshops and one-on-one consults in November and December, and sort yourself for 2020!

Video interview and technological screening aside, don’t forget that you are the one that it’s really all about, and who your interviewer wants to see and listen to! Good luck!