Employability skills for international students

A tailored programme of workshops to help you develop the employability skills you need to get a job and thrive in it


This series is now finished for 2023.

When international students start looking for an internship or a job in New Zealand, they usually focus on creating a strong CV and writing an impactful cover letter. Without a doubt, that’s a great start – and that’s exactly why we emphasise CV and cover letter writing so much!

The reality, though, is that international students need more than that to be successful in their careers. Employers tell us that they expect students and graduates to display cultural awareness, take initiative, approach tasks with a positive attitude, and have strong communication skills. These expectations have been repeatedly confirmed through research and our conversations with international students at the University of Auckland.

We have created a tailored programme for our international students focused on developing and practising the employability skills needed not only to get jobs but also to thrive in them.

Join us for these interactive in-person sessions to practise and reflect on your use of these skills in a safe, friendly and fun environment!

Please register via MyCDES as soon as you can: first come, first served!

Workshop 1: Cultural awareness and intercultural communication

Workshop 2: Self-management and attitude

Workshop 3: Problem-solving and initiative

Workshop 4: Collaboration and conflict resolution

Workshop 5: Effective written communication

Workshop 6: Public speaking in presentations and meetings