Total points limits for postgraduate programmes

The number of courses that you can enrol in for your programme is usually limited. This enrolment limit is specified as a maximum number of points for the programme.
The maximum points values for postgraduate programmes are shown below.

Programme Maximum points value
Postgraduate certificates 90 points
Postgraduate diplomas 160 points
120 point masters 160 points
180 point masters 220 points
240 point masters 280 points

Total points limits are higher than the number of points required to complete your programme. This means they will usually only be an issue if you have failed or withdrawn from courses. For example, to complete a postgraduate certificate you must pass 60 points of courses as specified for your programme. If you enrolled in 90 points, but did not pass the required 60 points, you wouldn’t be able to complete the programme.

Other requirements

Full regulations can be found in the University of Auckland Calendar.