Course outlines for external transfer of credit applications

A course outline is a document that you would have used when you studied at your previous institution.

It usually has information about: 

  • Course aims  
  • Course learning outcomes  
  • Course requirements, including hours required 
  • Textbooks used 
  • Assessment dates and requirements  

A course outline may also be called a: 

  • Syllabus 
  • Curriculum  
  • Course summary 
  • Course schedule

Course outlines will often also have the contact details for the lecturer, course coordinator, and/or tutors who taught you for that course. 

What are course outlines used for?

There are three instances where you would be applying for a transfer of credit at the University of Auckland: 

  • Applying for prior study to be credited as an applicant 
  • Applying for prior study to be credited as a current student 
  • Applying for future study to be approved to be credited as a current student 

In all these instances, you will be asked to provide course outline information for each of the courses you are wanting to be credited.

Your course outline should include:

  • Information about your previous institution’s grading system or scale  
  • How your grades are interpreted by your previous institution 
  • Your previous institution’s definition of a typical full-time study  
  • What your requirements were to complete your qualification 

This is a general summary of what could be included in your course outline. Even if your course outline does not include all the things we have listed, we encourage you to still submit it. 

For more information, please see: 

Getting your course outlines 

You can usually find your course outlines on your previous institution’s website or in their course calendar.  

Please note, your application for transfer of credit will be delayed if your course outlines from your previous institution are not provided. 


The following are University of Auckland examples of course outlines.

These course outlines give you an idea of the information we need to assess a credit transfer of a course from a previous institution to the University of Auckland.