Undergraduate fees for domestic students

Find out the fees you will pay as a domestic student for undergraduate study.

The table below shows the estimated tuition fees for 2024. This is an estimation assuming that you are studying full time (120 points).

Fees-free government policy

You may be eligible for one year of fees-free study. For more information, please see Fees-free study

Student Services Fee

In addition to the tuition fees, there is a Student Services Fee of $8.88 per point, estimated at $1,065.60 for full-time study (120 points).

Fees statement

After enrolling in courses, you will be able to generate an exact statement of your fees, through Student Services Online.

Programme Estimated fees
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) $9,040.80 - $10,275.60
Bachelor of Architectural Studies $9,040.80
Bachelor of Arts $6,778.80 - $7,819.20
Bachelor of Commerce $7,304.40
Bachelor of Communications $7,304.40 - $7,819.20
Bachelor of Dance Studies $7,819.20
Bachelor of Design $9,040.80
Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies $6,778.80
Bachelor of Education (Teaching) $6,778.80
Bachelor of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) $6,778.80
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) $9,040.80
Bachelor of Fine Arts $7,819.20
Bachelor of Global Studies
Bachelor of Health Sciences $8,798.40
Bachelor of Laws $7,304.40
Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours)
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - Year 2 onwards (for Year 1 see Bachelor of Health Sciences) $17,383.20
Bachelor of Music $7,819.20
Bachelor of Nursing $7,819.20
Bachelor of Optometry $9,891.60
Bachelor of Pharmacy $8,798.40
Bachelor of Property $7,304.40
Bachelor of Science $6,778.80 - $10,275.60
Bachelor of Social Work $6,778.80
Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education $6,778.80
Bachelor of Urban Planning (Honours) $7,412.40
Certificate in Health Sciences $0.00*

*The Certificate in Health Sciences (Hikitia te Ora) will have zero fees in 2024. This ensures that students will retain full Fees Free eligibility for their degree-level studies.

Fees for conjoint programmes

The fees for your conjoint programme will be similar to the fees given for each individual programme above. In a conjoint programme, you will usually study 135 points of courses per year, so your fees will be slightly higher. The exact fees you pay will depend on the courses you enrol into for your conjoint programme.