Bryan Li

Bryan completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Science Conjoint and is now involved in research that leads to global decarbonisation.

Bryan Li

Bryan came to the University from China to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Science Conjoint, majoring in Chemical and Materials Engineering and Environmental Science.

“After falling in love with New Zealand’s beautiful scenery, The University of Auckland was the logical choice for my studies, being the highest ranking university in New Zealand.

“The programme’s international accreditation reflects the great quality of teaching it provides.

“The small group workshops offer practical experience in a supportive environment, and I learnt new skills such as welding and machinery.

“The support from the staff at the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering has been central to my professional and personal development, and I am eternally grateful to them.”

“The practical work hours and reports required for the programme meant I got to experience work in a real-world engineering role. Here I could apply what I was learning in a practical context. I loved that I was actually making a real difference in the world, which is what inspired me to become an engineer in the first place.

“Auckland offers both the convenience you would expect from a city with the bonus of a unique connection to nature. When I need a break, I can visit a beach, forest, or an island, which are all less than two hours away.

“Completing the four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programme with a strong academic performance allows me direct entry to PhD study.

“In 2021 I was awarded the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Award for Excellence for my research on landfill leachate treatment. I have also published research work as the first author in my field.

“My combined degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering and Environmental Science means I am now in a position to contribute to the world’s decarbonisation goals by developing engineering technology to maximise energy efficiency with environmental benefits.”