Canisha Nadine Handoko

Canisha is studying the Bachelor of Design after completing the The University of Auckland’s Foundation Studies Certificate at Taylor’s College.

Canisha Nadine Handoko

To help prepare her for her degree, Canisha completed the The University of Auckland’s Foundation Studies Certificate at Taylor’s College before she started her Bachelor of Design course.

“So far I’ve found it easy to meet people and make friends, and my cohort feels like a small community. Even though there are support services available for international students, I haven’t felt the need to use them because I’ve already adapted really well.

“I’ve also joined one of the many clubs on campus, and there are heaps to join! Being a part of a club helps me connect with people with similar interests and is a great way to unwind and finish off the week.

“The diverse range of available study options allowed me to explore my
interests and passions before selecting a programme.”

“Another aspect I value is getting one-on-one feedback from my lecturers and tutors. Although it can be scary sometimes, I feel comfortable asking them for help because they are so friendly and approachable. This really helps me with my assignments and helps me produce great work.

“The city campus is great - really lively and always bustling with people - it feels like you are in a small city. The outside areas are decorated and surrounded by nature, which creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere!

“I don’t have any career plans yet, but I feel that studying Design presents so many options. The topics we cover like design thinking, designing for wellbeing and for the environment to name just a few, apply to multiple industries and will open up many career pathways for me when I graduate.”