Postgraduate scholarships

University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship

A Scholarship of up to $10,000 towards tuition fees for new international students from ASEAN countries enrolling in undergraduate degrees, masters degrees or postgraduate diplomas.

University of Auckland India High Achievers Scholarship

A Scholarship of up to $20,000 towards tuition fees for new international students from India enrolling full-time in undergraduate degrees, PGDip or masters degrees.

University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship
For new international students undertaking a postgraduate diploma, taught masters or undergraduate degree (gaining University admission with overseas secondary or post-secondary qualifications).

Beatrice Ratcliffe Postgraduate Scholarship in Music
For students undertaking postgraduate study in the School of Music.

Colombo Plan Scholarship in Engineering
For citizens of Colombo Plan member countries.

ESET Chillisoft Scholarship in Cyber Security
A $5,000 Scholarship for international and domestic, undergraduate or postgraduate, full-time or part-time enrolment in the Faculty of Science in study relating to Cyber Security.

Faculty of Arts Sub-doctoral Postgraduate Scholarship
A Scholarship of up to $10,000 towards compulsory tuition fees for domestic and international students enrolling full-time or part-time in a sub-doctoral postgraduate programme in the Faculty of Arts.

Faculty of Education and Social Work Postgraduate International Student Scholarship
The Scholarship supports international students to enrol in specified postgraduate programmes at the Faculty of Education and Social Work, and successfully establish themselves in Auckland.

Friends of the University of Auckland US/NZ Exchange Award
An award to support US citizens and permanent residents to study at the University of Auckland.

Qi Anlong Scholarship in Computer Science
A scholarship to support undergraduate and honours level study in Computer Science for full-time domestic and international students, up to $8,000.

School of Medical Sciences International Masters Scholarship
Up to $20,000 to be used on tuition for new international students of high calibre to enrol in masters level study for one or two years at the School of Medical Sciences.

University of Auckland Fulbright Scholarships
For Fulbright award winners to enable them to complete degrees at the University of Auckland.

University of Auckland International Business Masters Scholarships
For international students interested in the Master of Management, Master of International Business, Master of Marketing or Master of Professional Accounting degree at the University of Auckland Business School, enabling them to gain the skills and knowledge required to launch a business career.

University of Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards
The Auckland Law School Postgraduate Awards support and encourage academically outstanding students to study a masters degree at the Auckland Law School.

Other scholarships and awards

Many other University of Auckland scholarships are open to international students. Search our comprehensive scholarships database for an up-to-date list of all of the scholarships and awards available to future and current University of Auckland students.