Graeme Lewis Prize in Microbiology

A Prize for the postgraduate student who achieved the highest combined marks in their best three courses related to microbiology at Stage III or higher.

About the scholarship

Application status: No application required
Applicable study: Postgraduate study in Microbiology
Opening date: By nomination
Closing date: By nomination
Tenure: Prize
For: Prize
Number on offer: One
Offer rate: Annually
Value: $1,800

Through the generosity of the late Graeme Lewis, and his wife, Professor Gillian Lewis, the Graeme Lewis Prize in Microbiology was awarded for the first time in 2012.

Graeme Lewis, though trained and practising in finance and accounting, developed a deep interest in Microbiology through his wife’s research and teaching. He held a strong belief that excellent research in the discipline was fundamental to developing less disruptive and consumptive approaches to energy and food production, and materials processing. The purpose of the Prize is to encourage students to pursue research in microbiology.


How to apply

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