University of Auckland Research Masters Scholarships

Find information about the University of Auckland Research Masters Scholarship, including how to apply and the eligibility requirements.


A tax-free stipend of $14,064.65 in 2024 plus the cost of your compulsory fees.


The University assesses your eligibility when you submit an Application for Admission. You will be advised of your eligibility once we have received your final grades and you have a firm offer of place for your chosen programme.

Students previously awarded a University of Auckland Honours/PGDip Scholarship cannot subsequently be awarded a University of Auckland Research Masters Scholarship.


You will be assessed based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) of your qualifying programme. Your GPA is calculated across all courses attempted. A qualifying programme is the most recently completed programme of study that qualifies you for entry to the programme for which you are applying.

To find out more information about our grading scale, see GPA calculation.

If your qualifying programme is from a recognised overseas university, we will convert your final grades into a University of Auckland equivalent.

Guaranteed scholarship eligibility

  • Domestic students* with a grade point average (GPA) of 8.00 (‘A’ grade) or higher in their qualifying programme from a recognised university.
  • Applying for a masters degree with a research component of at least 90 points at the University of Auckland.

For the purposes of this scholarship, a domestic student is a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand.

How to apply

It’s easy! When you apply for a place at the University, you will be considered for a University of Auckland Research Masters Scholarship — you don’t need to apply separately. Scholarship offers will be made soon after the confirmation of a place.

If you meet the relevant criteria, you will be contacted to confirm your consideration for the scholarship.

You must submit your application by the official closing date for the programme to be guaranteed consideration for a scholarship.

If you are starting your programme in Semester One 2024, and think you might be eligible but haven't heard anything yet, you must contact the Scholarships Office by the end of Week 4 of Semester One to be considered for a Scholarship.

Taking up your scholarship

While you will be asked to initially confirm acceptance of a University of Auckland Research Masters Scholarship within two weeks of it being offered, you will also need to enrol at the University and start your programme at the next available semester start date in order for the scholarship to be awarded.

University of Auckland Research Masters Scholarships regulations

For detailed information, please read the University of Auckland Research Masters Scholarships regulations.