Fees and money matters

Most University of Auckland students fund their exchange through a combination of scholarships, loans and personal savings.

For more information on funding at individual universities, see Exchange partner university fact sheets.

Tuition fees

When you go on exchange for at least one semester, you will be enrolled as a University of Auckland student. This means you will pay tuition fees here, not at the host university. However, you’ll be responsible for other costs including airfares, overseas living costs, accommodation, and course materials.

Please note that permanent residents of New Zealand will not be eligible for StudyLink assistance during an exchange if you’re considered to be familiar with the host country. Familiar is defined as having spent a total period of six months or longer in the five years prior to commencing your exchange in the country where you’ll be doing the exchange. 


If you’ve been accepted for an exchange programme, you could be eligible for student loan and/or student allowance support. Eligibility for allowances and loans is based on the duration and total EFTS of your programme (i.e. full-time status).

Visit studylink.govt.nz

If applicable, you will need to complete the Overseas Study Application Form for StudyLink. Find out more when Preparing to go.

We recommend you complete your StudyLink loan and/or allowance application before you go.  

If you have questions about your loan eligibility, StudyLink contract and account and/or allowance payments please contact StudyLink. Questions related to the verification of study (VOS) can be sent by email to fees@auckland.ac.nz.

Note: 360 International can’t assist with issues concerning your StudyLink account or contract. You must contact StudyLink directly with any questions.


We advise you to wait to purchase your airline tickets until you have received the official letter of acceptance from the host university.

Health insurance

You must have appropriate travel and medical insurance for the duration of your exchange. Many exchange partners may require students to purchase a mandatory health insurance package to meet student visa requirements. For more information, see Preparing to go.