Preparing to go

In preparation for your exchange, you will need to consider academic, travel and host university matters.

Pre-departure session

All students going on exchange must attend a full-day pre-departure session (in June for Semester Two exchange, October for Semester One exchange).

Pre-departure is designed to help you prepare for your exchange and meet other students and exchange alumni.

We will email you more information leading up to your scheduled session.

Course Approvals

You must have faculty approval, with courses approved for cross-credit, prior to exchange as part of supporting documentation. Submit at least one completed course approval to 360 International by the deadline (1 June for Semester Two exchanges, 1 November for Semester One exchanges). You can continue to obtain and submit new course approvals after the deadline as needed.


Once you’ve been accepted by the host university and submitted your Course Approval form, 360 International will enrol you in the Approved Exchange course which indicates to the University that you are on exchange. You are enrolled in 45 to 75 points while on exchange, and your enrolment points is the maximum number of points you can credit back. Your tuition fees are generated by your enrolment points. At your host university, you are still required to complete a standard full-time course load, even if you may be transferring back an equivalent of fewer points. You are responsible for enrolling in courses at the host university.

Studylink application

If eligible for student loan and/or student allowance support during your exchange, you will need to complete the Overseas Study Application Form for StudyLink.

Once you have been accepted by the host university and enrolled into the approved exchange course at the University of Auckland, 360 International can complete part two of the form. We will also email part two of the form to the IRD.

Health and travel insurance

Participants of the 360 International Exchange programme are not covered under the University funded travel insurance. You are responsible for purchasing adequate travel and medical insurance for the duration of your overseas study programme and any associated travel.

Review the Guidelines for students travelling overseas for an example of a comprehensive insurance policy listed under the Travel insurance for other student travel section.

Travel and medical insurance must be in place from the date you leave until you return to New Zealand. Please note that many host university insurance policies will be for general medical care only and will not provide the range of coverage that a travel insurance policy will cover. You may need to take out additional travel insurance as well.

Visas and permits

  • You are responsible for getting the necessary visas and/or permits for the country in which you will be studying.
  • Research the host university’s exchange or international student website, and the relevant embassy or consulate website.
  • Allow plenty of time for your visas and/or permits to be processed. Once your visa is confirmed then your exchange is truly confirmed.
  • 360 International can’t advise you about immigration requirements. Contact the relevant embassy or consulate for more information.


  • For housing options and estimated housing costs, check the host university website and host university fact sheets.
  • Follow the host university’s instructions when applying for accommodation, as there may be deadlines or limitations. You may need to apply for accommodation during the application process before you’ve been officially accepted.
  • Many host universities offer student housing but can't guarantee it for all exchange students. Have a back up plan and research rental options in the area.
  • Contact your host university exchange office for more information. 

Travel arrangements

We advise you to wait to purchase your airline tickets until you’ve received an official letter of acceptance from the host university.  

Registering your Travel

You are required to provide details of your flight itinerary for your travel to and from your host country, including any personal travel you plan to take with your exchange, at least two weeks prior to departure. This is for risk management purposes. A link to the Student International Travel Details form can be found on your Via TRM dashboard.

The University’s emergency response provider, Healix International, will monitor global security incidents and may contact you in the event of any incidents in your host country. It is essential that you confirm your safety if contacted by Healix. We also encourage you to download the Healix Travel Oracle app prior to departure.

Emergency contact

It is your responsibility to update your current contact details and next of kin emergency contact details for the period you are overseas on Student Services Online.

Orientation at the host university

Check out the host university's website for details. Orientation attendance is mandatory at some universities. Some universities charge an orientation fee and it’s your responsibility to pay this on time.

360 International blog

Share your exchange experience as a blogger for 360 International! Each semester, approximately ten students at partner universities around the world give insight to orientation, campus life and what it's like to navigate a new environment.

Applications for bloggers will be announced during the pre-departure session. Check out the 360 International blog!